We bring your landscape design to life.

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Oculis Design Inc is a remote landscape design and 3D modeling, rendering, and animation service. Using state-of-the-art digital technology, we provide stunning presentations and visualizations of landscape and hardscape designs. Our work helps contractors communicate their design vision to their clients and homeowners accurately visualize their completed project.

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2-Dimensional Plans

We provide you with stunning accurate concept plans and colour presentations that will make it very easy to communicate your design vision to your client.

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3-D Renderings

Our 3D modeling and rendering will create a huge impact with your client. Displaying your designs with depth and perspective works wonders to communicate your design vision.

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Life-like, realistic animations take your designs to a whole new level. Your clients will be completely impressed with this detailed representation of their outdoor space.


About Our Name, Oculis

Our company name, Oculis Design, is inspired by the Latin word oculus, meaning “eye,” an architectural term for an opening in a ceiling or dome.  The opening lets natural light shine into a dark space, illuminating its beauty and showcasing its structure. Our goal is to do precisely that for you.

We provide perfect landscape and hardscape design solutions for both contractors and homeowners. At Oculis Design, we’re here to create with you.


Let us shed light on your property goals.


At Oculis Design, we can turn your hand-drawn sketch into a stunning presentation, allowing you to clearly communicate your vision to potential clients. We want to help you win the contract.

We cover detailed construction drawings for your crews, planting plans from your nursery and region, lighting plans, and elevations. Oculis Design incorporates your preferred hardscape manufacturer’s products. You determine which design service is most appropriate for a project.

Our priority is to create a customized landscape design, in the format of your choice, that reflects the individuality and unique needs of each client. We’ve developed several packages that will suit both homeowners and contractors. If you don’t see what you need, or if you’re unsure about what option’s best for you, please contact us. We’re happy to help. After all, we’re here to equip you with the presentations to win the contract!


We take pride in creating and delivering elegant, functional landscape and hardscape designs, for both homeowners and contractors, using cutting edge technology.

We offer customized design solutions that allow clients to experience a landscape before it has been built, from any vantage point. Our design concepts allow clients to experience custom landscape designs in daytime or nighttime settings, or throughout the seasons, before ground is broken.

Our services range from creating two-dimensional concepts to accurately detailed real life three-dimensional renderings and animations.

Oculis Design has developed a systematic online design process that makes it easy to get the design you want, in an efficient manner. We take care of design, so that you can take care of business.

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