Oculis Design’s user-friendly step-by-step process gets you to your dreamscape with very little effort. Just follow the steps below, and we’ll create your amazing new landscape, in as short a time as possible. (Click the for details)


Step 1: Gather Information

Our checklists will guide you through all the information we’ll need to create your new dreamscape. Our designs are only as accurate as the information that you provide, so please double-check what you provide.

Gather pictures of your home and yard. If you have aerial photos, voice memos, or any videos, include those, too. Include site surveys, home building plans, elevation surveys, and inspiring pictures of ‘likes’ and ‘don’t likes’. Include anything that relates to the visualization of your future landscape.

The site survey is important, and is best completed by a reputable, professional landscape contractor of your choice. If you don’t have one, this is a good time to choose a company. Connecting with your local landscape association is always a great starting point for finding skilled and competent firms.

If you can’t provide information because you don’t know what the terms mean, send us what you can. If there is missing information, we will let you know what we need, and how to get it. Not everyone is fluent in the language of design and construction. We are available and happy to clarify any terms or concepts that have you scratching your head.

Step 2: Choose Your Presentation Format

We’ll deliver the 2D or 3D model that best suits your needs and budget. If you’re uncertain about which model would work best for you, please contact us and we’ll help you decide which affordable option to choose.

It can be difficult to visualize a project, using a two-dimensional plan. A 3D model gives a realistic and detailed presentation of what your finished landscape will look like. We encourage you to select a 3D design concept for larger, more complex projects. It helps greatly to seeing your finished project in 3D and clients are usually much happier as a result. Oculis Design can produce a basic 3D model almost as fast as creating a 2D drawing.

See the difference below with the same backyard patio project when rendered in 2D (left) and 3D (right). We believe this might make it a lot easier for you to select the design concept form that suits you best. Pick yours and get started!

Oculis Design 2D Sample
2D Design Sample
Oculis Design 3D Sample
3D Design Sample

Step 3: Submit Your Information

Please fill out the site info form below to the best of your abilities, and submit it. In the form, you’ll have an opportunity to upload any photos or documents you’d like to include. For best results, please zip (i.e. add everything you want to send into an archive file) to upload everything in one package.

We’ll contact you to confirm and review the information you provide. When we have all the required details, we’ll send you the quote for your landscape design concept and completion timeline.

Step 4: Design Quote

We’ll ensure that you receive your quote as soon as possible. We try to send the quote within 24 hours, but it could take up to three business days.

Step 5: Review, Confirm and Sign the Design Contract

Please review the documents and the design proposal carefully, sign the design contract, and return them to us by email. We can begin work as soon as we receive the design contract with your signature.

Follow the directions for payment. Submit your payment. All major credit cards and e-mail transfers are accepted. Design fees are not negotiable and non-refundable.

Step 6: Design Process

Designing your landscape is a collaborative process, and we’ll need to communicate at times throughout the process. We might request your input along the way and we’ll continue when we hear from you.

Once the layout is designed, we’ll start working on the details, like plant plans, material selection, and accessories. Depending on the complexity of the design and our workload, this process may take a few days or several weeks.

Step 7: Your Presentation

You’ll receive an email link to view your custom landscape design. The designs can be viewed online and printed, but not altered.

Step 8: Working With Your Contractor of Choice

On your behalf, we can communicate the design concept to your local professional landscaping company and make sure they have all they need to provide you with a professional proposal.

Step 9: Feedback

This is where we listen and learn from your experience. We really appreciate your feedback, which allows us to continue to improve our design process and our interactions with you.

Step 10: Send Us Results of Your Completed Project

We’d love to see how your project turned out. Please send us some images or videos of your completed project. Enjoy making beautiful memories and thank you for entrusting your project to our team!

Let’s get started today!


Oculis Design only provides the pertinent building plans and construction-related information to the contractor (or you).  Although we happily assist if clarifications are needed, your landscape contractor is responsible for verifying all measurements provided for the site, before beginning construction.

We don’t estimate on behalf of any contractor, provide advice, or otherwise interfere with contractors regarding the cost of implementing the design. You’ll likely get different estimates from different contractors, so take your time and choose wisely.

We aren’t in any way liable for the work of your landscape contractor! Our designs are exclusively intended to be implemented by accredited landscape professionals and not recommended as do-it-yourself projects.